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A new start

This post commences the new stage in the development of Obscene Desserts, the blog that we began in 2006 at another location. In recent years, a variety of things conspired to get in the way of keeping the old blog going. Above all, I suppose, it was a wave of work-related commitments on both our parts.

But there was also the feeling, perhaps, that we’d run out of things to say about most of the issues on which we’d written, sometimes at great length. Part of it was I think a kind of blogging fatigue.

I still find a lot of good things when looking back at those old posts of ours. But I also see how much we — and the world — seem to have changed in the last dozen years.

Our faltering blog was, of course, not alone. In general the great blog explosion of the 2000s gave way to other forms of social media. But they, to me anyway, are really inadequate in actually saying anything.

So it seemed time for a new beginning. In a new home.

But with the old name.

And the same crew.

It’ll no doubt take us a while to get back up to speed.

But you never know.

We’ll see.



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